Latent and Sensible output

I have question
when I make load simultion, I want Sensible and Latend Thermal load separetely
but when I select Toal load output , I can get only totalload.
How I get Sensible and Latent load separetelly
Thank you

Instead of using “Total” can you try to calculate “All”?
May be can solve for ya.

Thank you for your reply
How to set"all"? there is no selection all

I’m assuming you in your version, 0.6.4, you can change “_ loadType_” to Total, check input’s description.

Thank you
But I can get only TotalLoad. I want not only Total but also Total and Latent and sensible by one simulation.
Do you know the way?

Precisely: I don’t know. I’m still learning it.

I’m using the 1.1.0 version, so I’m will assume you can collect data with these commands in legacy.