Latest Ladybug not updating HB apps

I wanted to install the latest Ladybug tools for the latest HB EnergyPlus components (the previous version had a glitch and wouldn’t output cvs results files, which some people raised in the forum but the only hint of a fix was updating the components).
Problem is, I installed the latest Ladybug from this website but the Honeybee EnergyPlus component is still the 0.0.63 VER, 2018 version. Have I missed something or how can I update to the latest HB energy plus apps if downloading the latest LB version doesn’t actually update the HB apps.

Hi @Rob

Have you tried LB versioner? just set the toggle to True and after a while a message will pop up and then you need to restart the Rhino and GH. there is also compatibility matrix that you need to check all the components and bundles and compatible:

Hi @Rob ,

From your description, it’s clear that you have the Legacy version of Ladybug + Honeybee installed, which is very old at this point and is not fully functional in Rhino 7 or 8.

I recommend installing the latest version of Ladybug Tools (version 1.7.0 or above) from Food4Rhino:

Practically all of the capabilities of the Legacy plugin are in LBT. And LBT has many more capabilities that Legacy lacks.