Latest LB and HB

Hi everyone

I just updated my LB and HB from food 4 rhino (version 1.09), Its being more than a year since I’ve done any daylight analysis.

And now the tools are divide into different tabs (HB_Energy, HB-Radiance, Honeybee, and of course Ladybug) I was wondering if the tools work like previous versions, meaning the use of default folder components

If so where can they be found as I don’t see them anymore?

Any input on this will be much appreciated


Hi @Claudio. You dont need to drop anything on canvas to make new LBT work. Just use the components directly.

Thank you @Asisnath this workflow is much easier now.
The only thing that is bordering me, now that the components are in different tabs, is I need to look for the components in different locations makes it difficult to find them. I guess I can get used to it.


If you use Icon mode, we’ve added some icons that might make it easier for you to find the newest plugins:


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Thanks Chris, that certainly will help. May I ask why the tools are now dived in different tabs? IMHO regrouping them into fewer tabs with groups inside was a more ergonomic way. But I’m not an expert on UIX.

Anyhow great tools and excelent work guys!


@Claudio ,

I really recommend just applying the components with the new setup and getting used to them. I was also skeptical at first and it’s is always uncomfortable to adapt to a new change. But, now that I have gotten used to the new tabs, it has been so much easier for me to find components. This is not just in comparison to Legacy but, if we had actually set up 14 sub-tabs for Honeybee, I don’t think we’d even be able to read the names of the categories unless we were working on a large screen.