Latest Radiance Release and Honeybee[+] compatibility

I’m getting ready to use Honeybee [+] for a LEED daylighting analysis to obtain sDA and ASE values. I may have to update my radiance and was wondering if Honeybee[+] is compatible with the latest release 5.3 from 9.3.2020. Or is there an older version that I should download that might be more stable?

Hi @JankiVyas, the latest version of Radiance should be compatible with the latest release of Honeybee[+]. Did you face any issues?

Thanks for the quick response! No not yet. I ran a study using legacy and the sDA value wasn’t calculating correctly and I can’t get Daysim schedules to work properly, so I’m just downloading Honeybee+ now and will try building the script using the [+] components instead. I wasn’t sure what the response time was, so I was asking the question before I ran the study.

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