LB 1.1.0 options to Set Rhino Sun or Shadow Study

I am a student at Auburn and new to Ladybug. I installed LB 1.1.0 and have been analyzing my geometry in context without difficulty with LB Direct Sun Hours and LB Incident Radiation. Next, I would like to perform sun and shadow studies but have not found a LB 1.1.0 component to perform these studies. I have found in some tutorials showing legacy components from VER 0.0.66 LB Set Rhino Sun & VER 0.0.59 WIP Shadow Study which perform these studies.

  1. Is there a way in LB 1.1.0 to perform sun and shadow studies similar to Set Rhino Sun and Shadow Study?
  2. If not, Can I load these legacy components on to my current LB 1.1.0 without conflict?
  3. Which Legacy download should I use?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.