LB Deconstruct Matrix (SunIsVisible v.0.0.68) result presented in separate tree branches according to grid points

I’m using Ladybug Tools version 0.068 in Rhino.Inside file but recently SunHoursAnalysi**s Component stopped working. The error is: 1. Solution exception:index out of range: 0

I’ve tried with external file (from Revit) just to put the same Interalise Data to SunHoursAnalysi component and everything worked correctly. I’ve noticed that in Rhino.Inside files works fine with Ladybug version 1.2.0 (LB Direct Sun Hours with the same data input). Unfortunately I need to receive back the input sunIsVisible in data structure like it was built in version 0.0.68 - all grid points sunIsVisible result presented in separate tree branches (see picture below).

I need to get int_matrix from new LB Direct Sun Hours component in previous data tree structure - all grid points sunIsVisible result presented in separate tree branches.

I’ve tried to replace paths in data tree from LB Decontruct matrix component but I get errors.

I’ll appreciate any help how to replace the path just to get the structure of SunIsVisible output like It was in Ladybug v.0.0.68.
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Data Trees take a lot to wrap your head around but there’s always a way to do it. The link to your .gh file seems to be broken but, if you can upload a simple example .gh of what you want to do (comparing the legacy component to the LBT one), I can take a look.