LB Envi_met | Spaces component : Solution expectation: WindowsError



hi guys,

stuck with envi-met component giving me windowserror. Usually this kind of error happens because of component not updated right ? I updated everything twice without any difference… lb_envimet master (846.5 KB)

if you have an idea let me know,
Cannot move further without this solved :confused:

I’m using Envi_met Version 4.3.2 (last one released this summer) And cannot find any anterior version.

Thanks alot,
Charles C.


Hi @CharlesCollin,

I have tested the file and it works on my machine. I suggest this temporary workaroud:

  1. Double click on component to open it
  2. Go to line 306
  3. comment in this way: #os.startfile(INXfileAddress)
  4. Save and try again

Let me know if it works,



it does the job ! many thanks @AntonelloDiNunzio

however, it seems that the space component does not write 3D plants into the .INX file… (409.3 KB)

Charles C.