LB ENVImet | Error - .INX file corrupted

Hi community,

I cannot manage to make the exemple file working. Whenever I try to open the .INX file, generated with LB tools (envi-met section) in Grasshopper, it keeps throwing me that error :

  • Exception: Missing EML-Element Trying to get mandatory element «singleWallDB» from file … Tag not found. This file is corrupted and reading will result in unexpected results

Can someone enlighten me on this issue ? @AntonelloDiNunzio , @djordje , @AbrahamYezioro ??

LB ENVI_met component haven’t been updated in the past 7 month. Said it work correctly with ENVI_met v4. Is my version to recent ?

Charles C

ENVI_met vers. 4.3.2
ENVItest1.INX (57.2 KB) (665.7 KB)

Hi @CharlesCollin,

if you are using Rhino 6, try to load the latest version of lb_envimet you can find on github:lb_envimet

Please, try and let me know.


Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio

I’m using R6. I tried to install Lb_envimet last version by downloading the userobjects at your link. But they are old no ? I mean they from 2017. should we still use them ?

I’m a little lost, because when downloading the last version of Ladybug, it comes with these recent component which seems to me to be the simplification of the old 2017 ones ?! Am I mistaking ?