LB Generate Point grid (GenPts) rotates grid

Hello Ladybug community,

i occured at sligt problem with my GenPts component. one of my grids seems to rotate itself with a 45 degrees (blue marked area), an can’t really figure out why it does so.

I’ve linked the rhino file and grasshopper script. Anyone occured upon the same problem?

I’ve linked the rhino file and grasshopper script.

Grasshopper_genpts rotation og (17.2 KB)
Rhino_Genpts rotation og grid.3dm (72.3 KB)


If i connect the edges directly into the PolyOffset, the grid structure change between the surfaces:

Stil don’t know why though…

Hi @LasseF,

Here’s a solution for you that uses the guidance “FOR ADVANCED USERS”

Grasshopper_genpts rotation og grid - CB (25.2 KB)

Hope that helps


Thank you charlie!

Somehow if i utilize this method all over my other floors (which is not a par tof my uploaded files) it rotates the grid, like the about wrong shown (non linear to form).

though, i just don’t apply this to those floors. don’t really understand why i works on one form, but not the other…

But for now i solves my problem. so a big THANK YOU charlie :partying_face:

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