LB+HB components keeps disappearing from GH UI

Hi fellow nerds.

I have come onto an issue these last few weeks. The last couple of times I have opened GH, all of the Ladybug and Honeybee components have been removed from the ribbon, however, the panels still appear!

The wired thing is that I can still call on all of the LB/HB components, double-clicking the canvas. My old scripts also still work fine.
(However, as I am still rookie to LB/HB, I’d like to access the components the old-fashioned)

My other custom packages and GH native componets are there just as normal. (However, I have never actually used these)

I use custom layout, hiding some packages I don’t need right now.

I’ve tried to uninstall LB+HB using the Remove Ladybug+Honeybee script and reimport all of the components. Nothing happens.
However, the component files are removed from the folder i drag-n-dropped them from (don’t know if that is normal procedure).

I hope you guys can help me here.


Explore (The components are gone after importing/drag-n-drop’ing them to GH canvas):


Regarding the uninstall file. It includes a ‘RemoveHB’ component and a toggle to set to True here. It does, however, also include another small script that requires file addresses. Is this important for the uninstallation?

  • Lasse
  1. Are you using custom ribbon settings? This is a bug with Grasshopper. Search the forum for similar discussions.

  2. Once you drag and drop the files, Grasshopper moves them under userobjects folder.

  1. Yes I was. Wow that was easy… I just right-clicked the ribbon and clicked the X on the custom layout. Now everything is back to normal.

(I’m just a little OCD that LB and HB are not close to each other in the ribbon)

  1. Yes, noted. Thanks!