LB Human to Sky relation

Hello everyone,
I am trying to run an analysis on a bit of a larger model. There is bottleneck in the Human to Sky relation. It usually completes in a few minutes or if it gets too big (no. of points) it does not complete (using all the RAM available).
It also calculates the Fractional Body Exposure for every hour of the year for every point. Wouldn´t it be possible if the analysis period could be set beforehand for this component? and not be applied after the whole computation of it?

Screenshot 2021-10-22 112500

Hi @arlind.dervishaj ,

Many of these Ladybug components were added for smaller studies and educational purposes. Because they are using the Rhino geometry engine to compute ray intersections, they invariably cannot scale as well as simulations that offload things to a ray-tracing engine like Radiance. So the “final” answer to your question here is just to use the comfort mapping recipes in the HB-Energy tab instead of trying to use the Ladybug components since these comfort maps use Radiance for ray tracing and will therefore scale much better.

If you are looking to squeeze as much as you can out of this Ladybug component before you jump to Honeybee, the following things could lower the amount of memory that the component consumes:

  1. Change the _pt_count_ to 1 so that you’re only evaluating one point per _position.
  2. You can try to put a range on the time period that you’re running by editing this line inside the component. You’ll also have to edit the Analysis Period here
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@chris thank you very much for your explanation!
I thought it would take more time to setup or run the more advanced analysis with HB energy, but it is better to do so when we want more context when doing an analysis.

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