LB Import EPW 1.7.0 error: reported data at a certain index doesn't match with the original epw file

Hi @chris @mostapha and Ladybug Team, we might have spotted an error in the actual component Import EPW. Index 0 seems to report the last value of the epw original file for a first group of factors (which includes Tair, RH, windspeed and wind direction), while it reports the first value for a second group of factors (which includes barometric pressure, normal radiation, diffuse radiation). This generates a switch of 1h between these 2 groups of variables (for instance, index 1 reads the first line for the factors of the first group and the second line for the factors of the second group). Can you check the issue? Is there a reason for this 1 hour discrepancy for certain data?
Many thanks!

Hi @MatteoFBC, This is the expected behavior. I know that this has been discussed a couple of times. @chris should be able to point you to the right discussion.