LB Incident Radiation not working

After updating ladybug tools I have been getting an issue on the “Incident Radiation” component. Specifically this is the error that I get “unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘tuple’ and ‘list’”

It seems that on line 156 the tuple is not created properly when creating the lb_grnd_vecs. When I changed the list to tuple then it was fixed.

@chris do you want to check if it is a generic issue and needs to be fixed? I tried different epws in the case that there was something weird with the sky_mtx created, and simple box geometries to avoid any other issue.


Thanks for reporting, @Byron . I recently changed the component so that there would be an “emissive” ground hemisphere that could help account for ground reflection (as you have in Radiance). I guess I must have introduced a bug. Let me check. If you have a file that recreates the issue, that would be helpful.

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Actually. I can see the bug in the code. I’m pushing a fix now.

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The fix has been merged!

Thank you, again, for reporting, @Byron . You saved us all from a big headache had we included this bug in the upcoming stable release.


Great. Thanks again @chris

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