LB-Legacy 0.68, HB legacy 0.65, EP 22.2.0 Energy simulation severe error

I am getting the following errors while running energy plus. Hoping to get some help.

The versions I have used are,
Rhino 7
“Ladybug” : “2020.”,
“Honeybee” : “2020.”,
“Dragonfly” : “2018.”,
“Template” : “2018.”,
“OpenStudio” : “2.9.1”,
“OSJSONFile” : “2015.”,
“THERM” : “7.6.0”

I am new at this. so might be missing a lot of info. my questions are,

  1. I tried with the simplest geometries but still got errors. Guessing if it’s a compatibility issue. Wanted to know if the EP 22.2.0 version is compatible with the updated legacy tools and Rhino 7 I tried EP 9.4, but it did not help.

  2. I don’t see any version mentioned in the IDF file; I wanted to know if that’s a significant error.

  3. I got an error notification while opening the IDF file. It’s the third screenshot.

Small house (560.7 KB)
unnamed.idf (91.8 KB)

Hi @Shayama As I know, HB legacy version 0.0.65 does not support energyplus 22.2.0.
I see you have installed new version of ladybug tools. You can use this version to create the energyplus idf using energyplus 22.2.0.