LB Radiation analysis,I am confused about hourly calculation results(KWh/m^2)

Hello everyone, I just started using lb.

I need to use radiation analysis to get the solar radiation received by the ground and the building surfaces in a limited area for each hour of a day. For example, I want to know how much radiation falls on the ground within those buildings at 11:00 on September 18

But I am confused by the hourly result, it shows that from 18 SEP 11:00 to 12:00 the max radiation on the ground is 1.18 KWh/m^2, which means the average radiation in this hour is about 1.18KW/m^2?
But the epw file shows that even the global radiation is 828Wh/m^2 at 11:00 ,851 Wh/m^2 at 12:00, so is there anything wrong or I have some misunderstanding?

By the way, I test a model with only one ground surface(no context), it also shows the same maximum 1.34 KWh/m^2 result

So those are my question, I would appreciate if someone can answers me::smiley: (217.6 KB)
I have uploaded my epw file ,and I wonder whether my setting counts as 2 hours cumulative amount (11:00,12:00),so the results need to be divided by 2? If we do that the results seem more reasonable.

Sorry, I have figured out this problem myself couple months ago😂

just using real time radiation component can show each individual hour instead of a period
if you choose a 8:00 to 9:00 period ,the result actually will sum these 2

by the way,kwh/m^2=kw*1(hr)/m^2,for the results,just *1000 can get values with w/m^2 unit

hope it may help others who get funny mistake like me​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: