LB Radiation Components - Legend Incorrect Units

For the Skydome and Incident Radiation components i am inputting the direct and diffuse rad in Btu/ft2 but the ultimate output of the components is in kWh/m2, not sure if its the selected sky matrix or maybe the component needs to update, im running 1.2.0

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Hey @cflynn29 ,

Sorry that I am over a year late here but we just added new radiation components to the Ladybug plugin and I can now post a solution here that will work for all of them.

Sky matrices always use units in SI since this is what the Radiance gendaymtx function outputs, which is what runs under the hood of the LB Cumulative Sky Matrix component. This also means that all radiation graphics will be in SI by default. However, you can always post-process the outputs of these components and use the LB Spatial Heatmap component to change the units to something other than the default like so: (44.9 KB)

This same strategy can be used for all of the new radiation graphics, including the Radiation Rose and the Radiation Dome.

CC: @josh.greenfield

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