LB skydome and Radiance sky differences



Hi Ladybug community,
Running LB skyDome and HB watchTheSky with an annual cumulative sky I noticed significant differences between the two cases, with skyDome reporting smaller values (62kWh/m²) than the Radiance-generated scene (177kWh/m²).

The same happens with different EPW files and time periods as well. Am I missing something here?

*edit: attaching relevant gh def. (487.1 KB)


Have you seen this conversation. The values in the sky component are converted after being multiplied by these values for solid angle conversion.


Thanks @mostapha for clarifying this. Just to make sure I got it right, the values before the conversion are in kWh/m²/steradian (same as Radiance results) and then they are converted to kWh/m²?