LB_SolarAdjustTemperature in Wh instead of oC

The LB_SolarAdjustTemperature is plotting legend values in Wh for the solarAdjustedMRT on the mannequin.
I’d expect to have this in oC.
Of course the mannequin legend is received when connecting cumulativeSkyMtx values.
Are my expectations right?

@AbrahamYezioro ,

Just set the tempOrRad input of the component to “True” and you will get the mannequin colored with radiant temperature:

The only reasons why we have the default set to Wh is so that:

  1. People understand that it’s really a radiation simulation that is being run to determine the MRT and there’s a direct relationship between radiation and radiant temperature.

  2. So that people don’t get shocked when they see radiant temperatures larger than 100C, which can happen sometimes because the radiant temperature is not a real temperature (as in, it’s not the speed of any actual molecules in the human). Radiant temperature is just a concept.

Thanks @chris!
Definitely i need to change glasses.

No worries @AbrahamYezioro !
I had been looking for an excuse to explain why the default is set to Wh. So this was helpful :slight_smile:

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