LB sun path with no sun

Hello to all!
I’m trying to display a simple sun path inside a tutorial file. all components seem green and fine, with no errors - but inside the Rhino file, it shows only the path itself, without the sun. Im using Rhino 6.
Any ideas on how to fix it?


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Can you share a sample file or an image?

Are you using the legacy components or the LBT plugins?

I used the basic components inside LB

and it looks like that inside Rhino model - pls note that the correct location name appears in the model, as well as the path, but no sun :frowning:

This has been discussed at least a couple of times. You can search for it.
The sunpath component doesn’t show the sun geometry in LBT as it used to do in Legacy.
You can use the sun_pts output and create the geometry with native GH components.

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Just to clarify, that’s the intended behavior when you don’t connect any hoys_. You need to connect Hours of the Year (HOYs) in order to get sun positions. You can generate HOYs using the LB Calculate HOY or the LB AnalysisPeriod components.

Then, you can use the sun position points ot make sun spheres as Abraham suggests.