LB SunLightHours scale issue in rhino 6

Hi all.

I noticed a strange behavior with this component. It seams that the legend txt as well as the degrees of the sunpath component when used within a file in meters It outputs an out of scale title mesh. As soon as the scale is changed again to millimeters the legend works fine. I’ve always thought that all the analysis done in LB and HB should be in meters.

Is anybody else having this problem?

Thank you


Hi Claudio. I need to check and see what’s going on in Rhino 6. In general the sizes are relative to the units and changing the units shouldn’t make a difference. I was under the impression that visualizing texts with Ladybug in Rhino 6 is broken.

Thank you Mostapha. In the mean time I’ll try to troubleshoot this issue. I’ll keep you posted