LB:the lengths of openstudio lists do not match in adaptive chart

I tried to generate a adaptive chart for my model and the error said that “If you have put in lists with multiple values, the lengths of these lists must match across the parameters or you have a single value for a given parameter to be applied to all values in the list.”. I check the results of openstudio and the air temperature list and mean rad temperature have the same length. could any one help to figure out the problem? Many thanks. (785.1 KB)

Please internalise the relevant geometry. Please also read this

Thanks for your reply and I am so sorry to forget to internalise the relevant geometry. I internalised it and try to run the definition again. The same error appeared.What can i do if I want to solve this problem? (813.3 KB)

Please unflatten airTemperature and the meanRadTemperature outputs on the Honeubee_Read Results component. You are using EPW data for _prevailingOutdoorTemp input on Adpative Chart component, This data is 8760 items long. When you unflatten the results, they also become a list of lists that are all 8760 items long.

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Thank you so much for all your help:+1: