LB to PHPP error: Solution exception:CreateInstance() takes no arguments (1 given)

Hi @edpmay, I am following your tutorials to use this (AMAZING) plugin and I got an error in the LBTPHPP export component: 1. Solution exception:CreateInstance() takes no arguments (1 given)
Any ideas on how to solve this?

Test (52.9 KB)

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Sorry to hear about your trouble there. It all looks fine on my end, perhaps you can post a screen-shot showing which component the error occurs in?

Note also to make sure that you are pointing the Excel tool at a valid PHPP file?

Regardless, happy to take a look if you can post more details on the error you are getting.

Hi @edpmay, thanks for getting back to me. Screenshots attached. Do you think it may be due to the fact that I couldn’t copy the excel export ddl in the Rhino folder?

Hi @edpmay, small update: I have had IT to copy the .dll file over and now the “open excel workbook” component is working but the other one (LBT->PHPP) is still giving me an error. Here is what I see in the ‘Out’ panel (also screenshot attached):

Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): CreateInstance() takes no arguments (1 given)


  • line 247, in unit_check, “C:\Users\Antonietta.Canta\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts\LBT2PH\”*
  • line 83, in script*

Any ideas?


Ah - glad you were able to get the .dll copied. You are correct that it would not work without that. Do you know what the problem there was? Was it just a ‘permissions’ issue? I’m sure some other folks have fun into similar issues, it would be great to know what the solution was if you don’t mind sharing?

For the other error, gotcha: that is an issue with older version I think. You can see the fix for that here:

Which version of Rhino are you using by the way? Regardless, hopefully if you download the latest version and follow the steps in that post it should work for you I hope. Let me know if you have any difficulty with it though?


Hi Ed, thanks so much, it is working now.

Regarding the .dll file I am not sure what the problem was. The IT team of my company helped me with the issue, they tried by logging into my computer as admin but it didn’t work either. For some reason, there was no copy option on the .dll files on my computer so they did something with the command prompt but I wouldn’t be able to say what exactly…

Hi @edpmay, sorry to be a pain. I have another question: the PHPP piping branches component on my version is very different from the one you show in the tutorials (I am watching DHW | 01). I have much fewer inputs and it doesn’t seem to work with the DHW system component, nothing gets written in PHPP.

See screenshots and script attached; your video is at the top and my model at the bottom in the screenshot.

Do you know why?


PHPP generator [Nov-29 '21, 1714].gh (581.6 KB)

Hi ,

Glad it is working for you now. And sorry about that error in those DHW components. I haven’t used those components in a while, and there was a typo in there that I hadn’t caught before. Apologies for that. I have updated those DHW GH-Components, as well as the main ‘scripts’ files to fix that typo. It seems to be working on my system now at least - but let me know if you run into any other hiccups there?

I’ve updated everything on the github site link and so you should be able to follow the same procedure as before (download the .zip, copy/paste, etc…) to update everything and then reboot Rhino and GH.

Note that there are two new updated GH components (see image above) with today’s date that you’ll want to use instead of those old ones for the DHW recirc piping and the DHW System (delete the old components, and use these new ones in your GH file).

Hopefully that should work for you now though.
all the best,

Hi @edpmay, thanks for your quick reply! I have re-downloaded everything but it still seems to have some problems: the information doesn’t seem to get transferred correctly into PHPP, see screenshot below and attached files. Am I missing something?

Royal Street_PHPP (587.4 KB)

Hi ,

Hmm - interesting… Whoops - I should have tested my last revision more fully before sending. My apologies.

I believe it is all working now though if you go and download the latest version I just pushed an update to: link:

There was an error in some of the logic for the DHW System when using those custom piping objects. I have been only using the default systems on my own projects recently, so had not noticed that error before. It appears to me that it is all flowing through properly now.

Note, there is one item there I will update sometime in the future that currently might not work. If you ‘mix’ insulation quality types (1-none, 2-moderate, etc…) within a single ‘set’ of piping, it may give unpredictable results. I’ll sort that out at some point, but for now if it is giving you trouble I would recommend just using the ‘User Determined’ component to overwrite any errors there for the time being.

otherwise though, I think its working now. Let me know if it still isn’t giving you good results though!

Hi @edpmay, thanks again. It works a lot better, only problem is that PHPP wants the diameter size in m and the component wants it in mm but does not translate it into meters when exporting to PHPP. I can work around it, I thought I’d mention it for the benefit of others, in case they overlooked.

For some reason, PHPP wants the individual pipes in meters and the circulation and space heating pipes in mm… weird…


Hi @edpmay , I also have an issue with the shading component which doesn’t seem to recognise my HB rooms… Any ideas?

Royal Street_PHPP (670.9 KB)


Ah - that is peculiar. I don’t think I had noticed that unit difference before? Confusing to have two different units for sure. I’ll implement an automatic fix, but for the moment I’d say just adjust your input units in the GH file. I’ll add in a fix for that when I am able to though.

thanks for catching that!

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