LB UTCI simulation, after hundreds of iteration, running time increase

Hi everyone, I am currently conducting a study on the correlation between urban building form and outdoor comfort. I am using LB+HB version 1.5 combined with Colibri plugin to generate different urban form models by batch sampling urban form parameters and calculating the corresponding UTCI values.
I use HumanToSky, OutdoorSolarMRT and LB_UTCI to get the UTCI value as below.

I found that the computation time of UTCI became significantly longer after hundreds of iteration. For a simple city block model, the first run took only a few seconds, but by the 500th run, its total computation time could reach almost one minute. I guess it is because during the iterative computation, the program stores some data temporarily and iterates through the existing data generated by the previous runs in the subsequent runs.
How can I solve this issue? I think it’s a complicated thing. :sweat_smile:

This is the simulation time after 600 iteration. Still can’t find any way to solve this problem.