LB v 0.61 problem

Hello, I am trying to use Ladybug version 0.61 component ( as i can not find some inputs in the same component at the latest versions) but it gave me this error ( picture below)? I work on rhino 7 window 10 and LB v1.4 was installed also with v 0.61…so where the mistake? And how to be solved …thanks

@chris Could you help plz?

@djordje could you please help?

Hi @RadwaEzzat ,
Without attached .3dm and .gh file I can’t help.

Thanks @djordje Here are the attachments, in the component version 0.61 when I run the error appear
2022.05.06 Mr djordje.3dm (32.3 KB)
2022.05.06 Mr (407.8 KB)

Hi @RadwaEzzat ,
Thank you for the attached files.
That component is very old (from November 2015). The error you get can be due to some bug which has already been fixed on the latest version (Ladybug 0.0.69).

I would advise you to look at this example file in order to understand how to use ‘PV SWH System size’ component. ‘PV SWH System size’ component will be the input for the ‘Photovoltaics Surface’ component.

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Yes Mr @djordje I worked on (PV system size) component in the file you attached. But I have a problem about this component which makes me don’t want to use it. The problem is I work on a specific vertical rectangular PV surface with a 0.35 m2 area, but when I use pv system size component I found in the ( out) that the area become 0.37 m2 …why this increase in the area ?

Hi @RadwaEzzat ,
Let’s continue the discussion in that topic.