LB View Percent (ver 1.4.0) - Context_ - How to add new context input?

Hello Hello!!

The purpose is that I want to check the percentage of the view of the three towers relative to each other and the surrounding context and find the best fitness using Galapagos and LB View Percentage.

The problem is that I can’t add them to the Labview Percent context_ input (without Flatten), since in this case, the towers block themselves.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem? :thinking:

LB Tower View (83.7 KB)

Hi @thecogarts ,

It’s not really clear what you want to block the view and what you don’t want to do block it but anything is possible by crafting aligned data trees in the right way.

I guess you want the view to be blocked by the other towers but not the actual tower being evaluated? Or is it ok to just have all the towers block the view?