LB Windroses | conditional statements fail

hi guys,

Does anyone encounter the multitple windroses issue when assigning them conditional statements ? The component works only when not inputting conditional statement… (85.0 KB)

Cannot manage to make this work … helpsss

@mostapha you didn’t talk about data tree issue in your windrose demonstration video ?

Charles C.

no one figure that out?

Actually it works.
Your uploaded file has 4 issues:

  1. the analysis period, as you defined them, using the data component, fail to act. Using the “real” analysisPeriod component makes it work.
  2. The maxFrequency_ you set is fine for the winter season, but for the summer the resulting geometry is too small.
  3. You need to define some condition for the whole year case. Leaving the condition blank/empty doesn’t yield any result.
  4. You were also missing to insert the LB_LB component.


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Hi Abraham,

My apologies for the late answer. Thank for pointing out the data component issue ! Although, usualy leaving the conditions blank for the whole year usually work with the windrose component… What conditions should I input to get ALL of the winds ?

I give this definition a try 1 week ago and it still didn’t work… :confused: Can you upload your working definition :slight_smile: ?

Thanks alot !

-Charles C.

Leaving the conditional empty doesn’t fail the analysis. True.
For what i see in your example, this doesn’t affect the result when applied alone.
For some reason used with the Entwine changes them a bit.
In any case your conditions yield that almost no winds can stand by them. See image below. You need a very close zoom to see.
Have to say that i used my local epw and not yours, so it may change for you.
-A. (458.6 KB)