LBNL WINDOW software does not run

Hi ladybug community
This question may not be appropriate in this forum, but I really need LBNL WINDOW and unfortunately i failed to install it. I do all the steps according to the instruction on the website and the installation is done completely. But no icon is displayed on the desktop to run the software. There is also no executable file for the software at the installation location. Can anyone guess my problem?
Of course, I know dear @sarith uses this software professionally. Thanks in advance for your help.
(in control panel)

(in location of installation)


looks like you have installed it correctly, check in “C:\Program Files (x86)\LBNL\WINDOW7.7\W7.exe”

There you should find the executable file and you can create a shortcut on your desktop


thank you so much @Matteo . I’ve been having this problem for almost a week.

I have some missing DLLs. Has someone exprienced this issue?
I googled but did not find something in forums. Only that it may have to do with Intel.

Was wondering if anyone else had an issue with the missing .dll files. I have tried installing different versions of Window on two different computers and am having the same issue.