LBT 1.0 w/ Rhino.Inside Revit

Hi, I apologize if this was already solved, but I searched and found similar situations but not this specifically…

I’m using Rhino.Inside.Revit 2021, and my LBT components are not working… They work fine in Rhino 7 stand alone, so I assume my .bat file was done correctly?

1. Solution exception:
Failed to import ladybug_geometry:
No module named ladybug_geometry.geometry3d.mesh

Any insight is appreciated!

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@jakechevrier I have the same issue, and it seems that no this is something that has not been addressed yet.

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@andrea.botti my fix was to run the installation within the rhino.inside.revit grasshopper instance… not sure if this will cause issues down the road, but seemed to work fine in the meantime.


This also worked for me: Ladybug Tools 1.2 and Rhino Inside Revit issue - #2 by demianvk

I posted what I think is the quickest way to fix the issue here: