LBT 1.2.0 edit HVAC systems

Hi, I am trying to create a workflow to utilize LBT 1.2.0 for LEED energy credits but I am not finding any way of editing HVAC systems or even seeing what are the inputs applied in the pre-defined HVAC templates available.

Is installing Ironbug the only way of doing this? If I remember correctly LB Legacy had a component where I could input stuff such as heating/cooling COP, air/heating/cooling details, etc.


From what I understand; and what I am doing myself is: using Ironbug. Sans applying some things from opyplus and eppy: We’ve got the awesome templates, in HB: choice for system typology based baselines, but Ironbug, or some DIY modification of the *.idf file: From what I understand; are the options we have for further detailing the HVAC systems.
“Load a gbXML, OSM, or IDF file as a Honeybee Model”
So you can make some changes organically then load the *.idf back in.

I could TOTALLY be wrong; that’s just where I’m at at the moment with everything.

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Hi @Leite

For seeing and modifying the HVAC templates you could also use the openstudio app.

After running the simulation via honeybee you can open the in.osm file and change it.

An other way as Cris Mackey suggests in this post here Setpoint manager DOAS templates is to write your own measures and add them to the input.

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Hi @Erikbeeren and @TrevorFedyna,

I will take a look into these two options and see what makes the most sense. Thank you so much for the help!