LBT 1.2.0 HB - Energy


I am new to LBT as I am learning it through Ladybug Tools Academy for university.

First of all it is challenging to translate video tutorials into Ladybug Tool 1.2.0 as it is in LB and HB Legacy. Is there any guide of transition and functions?

I succeeded somehow so far but can’t cope with energy simulations as I am getting errors at the same beginning already. HB model to OSM seems to write file but I get an error when I run it and it errors that there is no file to continue.

I am working at Rhino 7 with built in Grasshopper version. It is Ladybug Tool version 1.2.0 and Open Studio 3.1.0. And I followed installation guide and Compatibility Matrix as stated.

As it didn’t work I try to go back and install Rhino 6 with built in Grasshopper, Ladybug 0.0.69 and Honeybee 0.0.66 Legacy again as stated in installation guide and Compatibility Matrix. I am trying script given by Ladybug Academy but when I try to run Honeybee_Export_To_Open_Studio everything crush and rhino closes down without giving any error report. And I tried with Open Studio 2.9 and reinstalled GPU drivers. No success on any solutions.

Any suggestions on fix or guidelines?

Best regards,