LBT 1.2 Annual Daylight recipe - thresholds not considered

hi @chris,

I’ve noticed that the results are not changing when modifying the default threshold for DA : -t 100.
This is when reloading results from an old case. The change is accounted when re-running the simulation though.

Am I using it wrong or is it a bug?


Neither. If the reload_old input in the RecipeSettings component is set to True, then it will use the existing results folder, even if the parameters of the recipe change.

thanks for your reply @AbrahamYezioro ,

That means that we can’t postprocess results and must re-run the simulation every time we change the values. Could this postprocessing functionality be integrated in the future?

What i would do is to set the name of results folder according to the parameters/case. In this way you can call them and make your post-processing stuff without re-running the simulation.
Makes sense for you?

hi @AbrahamYezioro
I’m afraid I don’t fully get your tip. How do you mean “set the name of results folder”?



What i meant is that in order not to run the simulation again you can read them from previous runs. For instance if you change the window size you can save the results of each size under it’s own folder and call them later on without running it again.
You can assign a different folder for each simulation with the RecipeSettings component, or you can set the model name according to the parameters changed on the Model component.
Hope it is clear now …?