LBT and radiance version

HI all,
I´ve just updated LBT but I´ve noticed that OS 3.2 installation includes Radiance 5.3. So I replaced the bin and lib folders of this version for Radiance 5.4a ones because this version has no executable file after unzipping it. Is it the right procedure?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @PatriciaEdithCampore ,

Honeybee ignores the version of Radiance that comes with OpenStudio since it’s almost always incompatible with LBT. You’ll have to install the standalone version of Radiance that you see at the link in the compatibility matrix:

… and you need to either install it in the default location or install it directly into the ladybug_tools/radiance folder (not inside the openstudio folder).

Thanks Chris!
I”do so.