LBT Aperture BSDF

Hi All,

I am trying to run a BSDF material with the Aperture component of LBT. But the result is NULL. Is per definition possible to combine the aperture component with a BSDF material? I have not found that it does not. If I use HB glass modifier in combination with the aperure component everything is fine.
I try the daylight calculation with the legacy component and there the BSDF material is working. So at least the BSDF material is not corrupted. I attached a minimum sample (started with samples of the LBT installation zip file provided by Chris) implemented both models (535.3 KB) . Additonally, I attached the origin BSDF File Okasolar3d_ISG2-fach_Klems.xml (938.2 KB) .
I hope, so. can give me a short feedback what I am doing wrong.

Thanks a lot.

Anyway, a big compliment to the LBT Team for doing such a great job!

Best regards

This does look like a bug @chris. The result tuple is coming empty.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully, it will get fixed if it is bug. Meanwhile I will build and use a workaround.