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I am trying to run a BSDF material with the Aperture component of LBT. But the result is NULL. Is per definition possible to combine the aperture component with a BSDF material? I have not found that it does not. If I use HB glass modifier in combination with the aperure component everything is fine.
I try the daylight calculation with the legacy component and there the BSDF material is working. So at least the BSDF material is not corrupted. I attached a minimum sample (started with samples of the LBT installation zip file provided by Chris) implemented both models (535.3 KB) . Additonally, I attached the origin BSDF File Okasolar3d_ISG2-fach_Klems.xml (938.2 KB) .
I hope, so. can give me a short feedback what I am doing wrong.

Thanks a lot.

Anyway, a big compliment to the LBT Team for doing such a great job!

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This does look like a bug @chris. The result tuple is coming empty.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully, it will get fixed if it is bug. Meanwhile I will build and use a workaround.

I’m also having the same issue - not able to run a BSDF material in LBT. I’m using the same BSDF file that worked in HB+. Is this a known bug?

I guess it is. I changed the key-value of the _mapper in the to ‘BSDF’ to return the ‘needed’ class ‘BSDF’. And the HB run is doing a little bit better like creating octree and so on but failed by doing mergeresults in So probably the changing of the _mapper dictionary leads to a side-effect in the HB run. Unfortunately, I do not understand all the dependcies of the modules and I do not know a efficient way to debug within Grasshopper/LBT, so it is really hard to figure out the coming up error message ‘Failed to merge grid files’ and get fixed myself.

It is a known bug and it is because how we handle running the simulation in LBT versus HB[+]. We have an open issue for this. To be able to address the issue we have to copy the BSDF folder to the temp folder that executes the command. This might also mean making some changes to Radiance folder itself.

I hear you and it has been on my list to find a better way to report the run errors. One of the challenges with embracing multiprocessing is that so many things can happen at the same time and it makes it hard to pinpoint the error without understanding the bigger picture. That being said, Luigi provides a visual interface for debugging the runs which makes it at least easier than reading the text.

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With the update to LBT 1.3.0 BSDF files work like a charme. Great job - thanks a lot. Topic solved.

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