LBT Does not recognize the OS version, while it is there

Dear @chris, and @mostapha,

Thanks to you both and other Ladybug-tools developers for such great development of recent upgrades. I have installed OS 3.2.0, and seems it finds the right path from ‘bin’ folder, but cannot recognizes the OS version. Do you have any suggestions?



Is there any way to load the OS version in another way than reading from ‘cli’ folder installed? It seems this folder for me is empty.



It seems pretty clear that something has been corrupted about your OpenStudio installation. Maybe a file was accidentally deleted or something like that. I would try uninstalling OpenStudio and then reinstalling it. You can see that it’s all working on my end when it’s set up correctly:

Also, even if you were to manually override the OpenStudio version number, it’s clear that you would not be able to run any energy simulations with that corrupted OpenStudio simulation.

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Whoever faced the same issue, I could fix it by reinstalling the windows from Win8.1 to Win10. There was no other solution.


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