LBT HB Energy - Visualize multiplier

Hi @chris,
Checking the example file “model_creation_workflow” for HB_Energy, i see the use of the Multiplier component. Though it is not visualized with the VizByType (for obvious reasons).
Is there a way to see the “whole” model as like in DF is a component to visualize the whole model, including the multiplied zones? I think it can be very useful.

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You are not the first person to ask for something like this but I think we may need to be clever about how it’s implemented. In dragonfly, multipliers are applied on the Story objects and they have a very specific meaning in that they indicate when a story is repeated over the height of a building. In honeybee, they are applied to Rooms and they have a much more generic meaning without a particular presumption about the direction in which the room is repeated. For example, the repetition might not be along the height of a building but could be repeated in a horizontal direction (it’s more up to the user’s interpretation).

So I’m a bit inclined to only have that type of multiplier visualization if the honeybee model originates from a dragonfly model. Note that you can also get this type of visualization from a dragonfly model if you export the dragonfly model to honeybee while setting use_multiplier to False:

This diagram might also help clarify the relationship between Honeybee and Dragonfly objects:

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