LBT Installer for VDI

Hi Crew.

Just wondering is there a simple installer available or in development for easier deployment over VDI.

Hi @bradshales ,

We sell a single-click installer and, as far as our tests have shown, it works in virtual desktop environments as well as it does in native desktops. The instructions for running the installer via command line are also pretty straightforward if that’s what you are getting at when you reference “deployment”. The installer gives a compatible set of everything needed to run the software (engines and all) and it lets you choose where you want to install them on the machine. The only thing to keep in mind is that, because Ladybug Tools is a plugin for Grasshopper and McNeel forces plugins to be installed in a user-specific location, the current user needs to be logged in during installation for the installer to setup these user variables correctly.

If you’re interested, you can email and we’ll send you more info.

Hi Chris,
it would also be interesting for me to get a silent installer for the ladybug tools. I wrote an email but unfortunately, I had not yet received an offer. Can you please tell me when the silent installer is available?

thanks and br


@rue and @bradshales ,

You can how get a free single-click installer by creating a Pollination account and downloading the free Pollination Grasshopper plugin here:

The single-click installer only works on Windows but it can be run silently.

Thanks Chris, we will try to run it in silent mode

Hi Chris, we cannot adress the params for deploying. Can you please post the deploy params four us, this would help a lot.

regards rue

Hi @rue,

Please send us the request to from your organization’s email account, and we will provide you with the instructions for silent installation.

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