LBT - LB_IncidentRadiation vs HB_AnnualRadiation recipe differences

Everything just updated an hour ago. It was a good snow day.

Indeed a good day! Done.
Thanks @chris,

I get some pretty peculiar results when I try to replicate the Radiance analysis with HB 1.2.0/1.2.2.

Here is a screenshot of the recipe

The only area that looks as expected is the one below the canopy…

I’ve tried with different contexts and setting, but don’t know how to fix it… any ideas? it a bug like the one @AbrahamYezioro found above or is just my inexperience?

thanks for any hints or suggestions


Here is the grasshopper and rhino file (130.7 KB)

Sadly i need to say that seems that the bug is still there. I tried an arsenal (unplug the context, the north, changing units to mts and more) of things but still get significant differences, as can be seen on the roofs. The LB IncidentRadiation analysis seems to be more consistent in the results.