LBT MonthlyChart not showing colors

Creating an average mon_per_hr chart the result plots the lines but they are all having the same color, even though the legend shows differently.
Can this issue be fixed?


Ah, I guess I couldn’t make up my mind about how I wanted to color the lines. The colors exist in the core libraries and you easily expose them on the component by adding the following line to this part of the code:

from ladybug_rhino.color import color_to_color
colors = [color_to_color(col) for col in month_chart.colors]

But what I really wanted to do was something similar to what I did with the colored points on the SunPath. I was a little afraid to do it, though, because I couldn’t figure out why I needed to add a certain line of code to get the colored points to display. And then we got this report here:

Have you found anyone experiencing issues with the SunPath colored points, @AbrahamYezioro ? If you haven’t noticed anyone else on the forum with the issue and your class doesn’t experience it, the issue must be so rare that I’ll implement the same solution on the Monthly Chart here.

Hi @chris,
The sunpath renders just fine with colored points. Also i don’t remember an issue like this reported before, for sure not with LBT.
This is one that i noticed almost from day 1 but just forgot to report. Now that i’m preparing some teaching material the issue arise again.


Ok. If you haven’t seen any rendering issues with the colored points in the new sunpath, I’ll just implement a similar strategy with colored lines in new MonthlyChart (this way, you don’t have to connect up the lines and the colors to a Preview component to see which lines go with which color).

FYI, if you need a temporary quick fix that just shows the color, you can connect up the full hourly data collection and drop the percentile to a small value. This will at least look like a colored line:

Thanks @chris,
We can wait for the implementation. Much easier to explain … :slight_smile:


The colored lines have been added to the latest development version (you can get them with the versioner in ~20 minutes). Now, you get the monthly-per-hour lines output from the component:

Also, if you bake the lines, they will retain their colors into the Rhino scene.

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Thanks @chris!!

Hi @chris,
Something to report.
I’ve noticed that when changing weather stations the LBTMonthlyChart doesn’t show at all. But when you click on the component, it does. Weird.
Beyond that, this happens when the weather file is called for the first time (and downloaded to the local computer).
After that, if you go from one station to other they show “normal”.