LBT-Radiance: Annual occupancy schedule not as impactful as expected

Dear LBT team,

Testing annual daylight simulation in LBT 1.2.0, I wonder why changing the occupancy schedule does not change a metric such as sDA much.

As you can check in the attached model, if I set the occupancy only one hour at 12:00, from 9 to 17, or full day, sDA only changes slightly (which appears to me as the small stochastic variations). I also tried setting daylight hours (when global radiation is above 0.1), but still no major change.

But I would say, if we set the occupancy to full day, the sDA should be reduced dramatically, as it is harder to get 50% daylight autonomy when including the night hours. Or setting it to 1 hour in the middle of the day should increase the sDA, as it is easier to provide daylight at that time.

I wonder what I am missing here. Does the component anyway limit itself to daylight hours and does this explain the little impact of occupancy schedule?

Also, on a side note, constant schedule 1.2.0 crashes, when given a list of 24 values of 1.

Thank you for reading this topic.

Farhang (97.0 KB)

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I have to check your file but it might be because of an optimization that we did in LBT recipes by removing all the night hours from the study. I think we still run the percentage based on the number of hours of occupancy but that’s the place that I need to double check to ensure everything works as expected.

cc: @chris