LBT Showing Results AFTER simulation - Workflow

I get the following issue and wanted to share the solution i’ve found to solve it.
I have a case already simulated. I want to show the results (for instance Energy Balance) without running the simulation again (the results are stored in my machine).
For those results that require to connect results data and model geometry (e.g. LoadBalance, ColorRooms, ColorFaces, etc) i get the following error:

  1. Solution exception:None of the data collections could be matched to the input rooms.

The results and the model inputs are just the same as the simulated but still there is this error.
The way to solve this (thanks @chris) is using the JSON file created during the simulation for the model and then use the LoadObjects to load the HB objects from the JSON file. This will provide the exact model that was simulated, matching, in this way, the results structure. If i quote @chris:

You can see here an image with the original model and the JSON model connected to the ColorFaces componen. The first one gives an error, the second one workst:

Attached the file showing the workflow i suggest to solve the issue (See especially the green-orange groups).

Hope this will be helpful for some of you.
-A. (111.6 KB)