LBT V1: Running Daylighting and Comfort Maps "silently" in the background (without a cmd window pop-up)

In the legacy tools, we could enter “2” to have simulations run in the background without a command window popping up. This was the case for both energy and daylight modelling:

In V1, we can do this by entering “3” for the energy modelling:

…but this option doesn’t appear to exist for daylight modelling and comfort mapping:

Entering “2” or “3” is the same as entering “1” or “True”. These components do have a “run_settings” input, and I can tell that component not to display the report in the command window:

…however, the command window will still pop up, it just won’t be populated.

The reason I don’t want the window to pop up at all is because I’m running a bunch of variations through Colibri and it is inconvenient when the windows keep popping up while I’m working on other stuff.

Am I missing another way to do this?

This is a reasonable feature request and one that we can probably deliver without too much effort. I opened an issue for it and I’ll try to address it when I get the chance:


I just wanted to say that the “run silent” option has been implemented for all recipes in the latest development version of the plugin. You can get it now with the LB Versioner and this will all be in the next stable release.

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