LBT1.5: DF to GeoJSON error "index out of range: 0"

Hi @chris

I am having some difficulty troubleshooting the error here. When I try to run any buildings in the DF model to a GeoJSON, I get an index out of range error. I have tried changing several inputs without success. What can I do? Is this a geometry error? (56.7 KB)

Hey @Geo_curious ,

I’m not sure if I was able to recreate your issue since you didn’t internalize the geometry in your Grasshopper file but, if I had to guess, I think you had a building in your model that was like a bunker, completely below ground. I realized that our methods for this currently result in an IndexError and I just pushed a fix that allows things to proceed in this case:

Wow. That is strange. I built these geometries from footprints, extruding in Rhino. I guess the positive Z value turned into a negative, without my input.

Thank you for spotting that.