Learning LBT and Ironbug

Hi All,

I am new to LBT and Ironbug, trying to learn the tools by building a cooling and heating a simple office room with A. DOAS + radiation ceiling and B. DOAS+ fan coil units and comparing the energy consumption and comfort level parameters of the two concepts.
What escapes me so far is figuring out the fine tuning and sensitivity of the two systems - e.g what will happened to the room temperature if I change the size of the radiation panels? It looks like the default auto sizing of the elements of the systems takes care of resizing the different components and at the end ot the day there is not obvious change in the performance of the two systems.
Can somebody help me with pointers to some learning recourses (online course, tutorial, case study, validation case) that can help me achieve my learning goals?
Any bit of help or hint in the matter will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance