LEED Average radiation value


I’m calculating illuminance values for LEED daylight option 2. Based on the LEED guidance, I need to use average radiation inputs between clearest day of September(9/14~9/28) and the clearest day of March(3/14~3/28). But I couldn’t find a way to input average data of two days for diffuse&direct horizontal radiation.
FYI, please see the LEED example image below.

I just chose the clearest day between September(9/14~9/28) and March(3/14~3/28) for now. See my script below. But please help me to choose two clearest days and generate average data from the two days for the illuminance calculation. Grasshopper file is also has been attached for your reference.

illuminance_LEED 2.gh (543.6 KB)

Thank you.

I believe this has been asked before on the forum. Did you try to search the forum first?

I did check now, sorry about it.
I saw that you mentioned gendaylit for these issues. But I couldn’t find gendaylit in my grasshopper.
Can you assume what is my issue and why I can see it? Is it custom component I need to create?
FYI, I’m using Radiance 5.2.2 and OpenStudio v2.5.0

Gendaylit is part of radiance. It is to be found at c:\Radiance\bin

Thank you Abraham.
I found gendaylit.exe file.

But still not sure how I can use it. I can’t find it as a component in the grasshopper.
(Maybe it’s not a component? Am I on the totally wrong track to understand it?)
Thank you.

How did you install Radiance? You might be using an older version.

Also can you please share the link to the other topic here so others can also find it in the future?

Hi @mostapha
I installed it from the link below. (and just run the exe file.)

And here are another post with the similar issue.

maybe you should update your Openstudio :罗夫:


I read more post from the website and I’m a little bit confused. The gendaylit is a single component? or It means the category of HB-daylight which has genClimateBasedSky, genCumSky, and etc?

If it means the category of those components, I was using it. And I’ve tried genClimateBasedSky, genCumulativeSky, genAverageSky and genCustomSky, but I failed to create the average value of two selected hour of date. Please see the screen captured script above.
(I should create average-direct-horizontal-radiation of 9am-Mar.24th and 9am-Sep.23th. But I couldn’t find the way, so I just chose one day(9am.Mar.24th) just for now.)