LEED Option 1 - how to model pillars?

Hi there,
I am carrying out LEED Option 1 simulations with Pollination, I would like to ask you how to model pillars in the case they are inside rooms.
I know how to model them as hb shading objects, but then pillars arae will be included into the analysis grid and into SDA and ASE calculation.
I used Point in Curve and Curl Pattern commands to exclude pillars area from calculations, while having pillars as shades, but simulation crashed.
Is there any way to include pillars for the calculation of shading but exclude their area from the analysis grid (and mesh) ?
When there are big internal pillars the calculation area could be compromised.

Hi @FrancescoEmanuele,

I’ve achieved something similar in the past along the lines of

  • generate grids from rooms
  • get points from grids
  • remove points within columns
  • create grid from remaining points
  • python component to edit the room_identifier of the new grid to match the original grid

I’ve got a script I can share on Monday if you need it.

Cheers, Charlie

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Hi Charlie,
thanks for your reply.
I am not so confident with the system so I would really appreciate if you could share the script.
Thanks again

Hi @FrancescoEmanuele,

Hopefully this works for you.

HB Daylight Exclusion Zones.json (65.3 KB)
HB Daylight Exclusions Zones.gh (25.4 KB)