Legacy Ladybug 0.0.69 / Honeybee 0.0.66 and Honeybee[+] 0.0.06 Release

Great news for such crazy times.
Thanks @mostapha, @chris and all the good people involved in this project.

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Good news, thanks !@chris

@chris Awesome Job!!! Thanks for Ladybug team!!!

That sounds great! when will they be available for mac?

The unreleased plugins under development right now are currently being tested on Mac. When we eventually do a release of them on Food4Rhino, they will have full Mac support.

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Cant wait for new fusion.
Thanks @chris,@mostapha
Will the new features consider a combination of Dragonfly and Honeybee?For example, ENVI-Met microenvironment simulation results are imported into EnergyPlus for energy analysis.

@fish0920 ,
For the time being, we have been mostly focused on the connections to the open source engines (namely, EnergyPlus, Radiance, and the UWG for dragonfly). @AntonelloDiNunzio is still developing the envi-met components, though, so they will be supported even though they may not be a part of the new Dragonfly. Dragonfly is becoming more of a general-purpose urban-scale molder such that any dragonfly model can be translated to honeybee models for urban-scale energy, daylight, and eventually thermal comfort modeling similar to what is presented in this paper.


Awesome! Looking forward to checking them out.

This is great news! Looking forward to the big release, @chris any idea if it’s weeks or months away?

Une très bonne nouvelle. Merci pour toute l’équipe. Et bonne continuation.

Great! Thank you for your hard work!

Hey, Chris! looking forward to the new version. But I just tried to update my ladybug and I got this warning. I made sure to follow the installation instructions.

Hello @sanjaya.natasha,
You need to update the rhino version To Rhino 6.27 as shown referenced sdk.

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Hello… I am facing a problem with Honeybee…It is not flying and leaving this message.

I was hoping that this problem will be fixed after this new release but unfortunately, it didn’t work

The problem is at your end and the HB is indeed flying as you can see at the bottom of the panel in your image.
It is orange probably because you are missing some programs to install, such as THERM or WINDOW.

I downloaded all the required programs but still the window is orange…I don’t know if someone faced the same problem before.

THERM has been successfully downloaded but the RADIANCE note still there even though I downloaded it :frowning:

In the image above it appears that Radiance is installed. How come now is not.
In any case this orange color doesn’t mean it failed. You can go on in your work.
You should probably follow the installation instructions.

It is installed but still the orange color there…do you recommend to start my work and see the result afterward?