Legend Baked Colors difference

Hello Mostapha,

Any advise on why the baked colors of the legend are different from the preview colors?




Hi Dimitrios, Looks like a bug. How did you baked the legend? Right click > bake or bakeIt input?

I always use Mouse Middle Button > Bake so I must have baked it like that.



I am pretty sure that this is happening because of your Rhino display settings. Have you tried changing the display mode to “Rendered”. I find that the settings there usually are similar to the display settings of GH.

Also, you can always change how the colors of any view type are being displayed by typing “Options” in the rhino command bar. At the bottom of the left hand side of the window that pops up, you can find each of the Rhino view settings. There you can change things like how colors are displayed for each view:



Rendered Display Mode ambient color was changed and was burning the colors.

The shading option you show works great too!

Thanks a lot Chris!