Legend breakdown for Direct Sun Hours

Hi everyone,
I am new to using ladybug and grasshopper. I am working on direct sun hours analysis with LB Toolbox 1.5.1 and Rhino 7. The legend hourly breakdown produces uneven numbers : (1.07; 2.14; etc) instead of just going 1;2;3. Why is it divided this way? How do I adjust it to make the round numbers?
(please see the screenshot of my script)
Any tips would be very much appreciated. I have been trying to resolve it for a couple of days, but it is still unclear. Thank you so much!

As a new user, I cannot embed two images in one post,
here is the image of the output:


You probably need to set the seg_count input in the legend_par component to a number that gives you what you want.

Yeah, I had it and it did not make it work.
What did the trick is adding both min and max numbers: