Legend facing Camera

Hi there!

Is it possible to make the legend face the camera like the sun position tags in your tutorial? That way it would be readable regardless of the current perspective…

Also I’d like to transform the psychrometric chart into a Mollier i,x diagram (just because I’m more used to it). Would that be hard to do?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Albert,

Yes. It is possible and that’s why components output legend basePt. Another solution is to use Human’s plugin and meshToScreen component. You can see both solutions in attached file:

Back to chart I will leave it to Chris to get back to you. He is the one who developed the chart component.



PS: I know that I owe you a video about the workflow and I will do it as soon as I get a chance.

orientToCamera.gh (353 KB)

Hi Albert,

Sorry for responding so late. I am glad that Mostapha addressed your issue with the orienting of geometry to the camera.

To be honest, I had never heard of a Mollier i,x diagram before but I Google image searched it and it seems to be no different than a psychrometric chart that is rotated 90 degrees. If I am correct in this assumption, this should be relatively easy to implement. I would just add a few lines of code to rotate all of the geometry of the chart and re-orient the text such that it appears upright.

Let me know if my assumption about the Mollier i,x diagram is correct and I will implement it. Also, google seems to think that the chart is called a Mollier hx diagram. Is this true?


Thanks a lot Mostapha for the reply. That works great… Don’t worry about the video, I guess you’ve got enough stuff on your agenda.

Chris you’re right, it is exactly the same diagram, just rotated by 90 degrees to the left and then mirrored, so the temperature axis is on the left side… :wink: This is just the way we use it in some parts of Europe.


Ok. I added the issue to the github and I will try to take care of it soon:


Hi Forum

I have this method for Facing the Legend to the view:


I’m a little late here, but this is my effort:


I had a similar problem a while back, and I wanted a solution that was as simple as possible. The one on the left shows the legend as it naturally comes from a Ladybug component; on the right shows the legend fed into my component instead. It also scales regardless of your zoom level so that it fills your screen in a (fairly) intelligent way.

OrientGeometryToViewport.ghcluster (14.8 KB)


I am just letting you know that the Mollier-hx feature has been implemented and you can find a GH file with it attached. Let me know if there are any particular features about the diagram that are missing.

On a related note, the European comfort standards have also now been completely implemented in LB+HB so that you can use the model with any of the three European building classes.

May Europe thrive and be thermally comfortable!


MollierHXFeature.gh (377 KB)

Hey Chris!

Thanks a lot for the implementation! I haven’t had the chance yet to check it out but I’ll definitely let you know if something’s missing…