Legend not the same Width when switching "continuous"

Hi, not sure if this is intentional, but why get the legends a difference in width when switching from continuous to incremental steps (with same amount of seg_count)?

I think it’s because the top one has 4 colours which need one segment each

The bottom has 4 colours which are connected, so it’s effectively 3 segments with one colour between each segment and one at each end.

Therefore for the same segment width the continuous will always be one segment width shorter

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Ok, that indeed makes sense. On a tangent, do you know why my input list values don’t match with the displayed values? EDIT: The numbers are coindidental. Now I see that the _values input take the min and max and create a domain and subdivide this. My question then is, how can I insert custom values?

Creating a legend by that approach will use the min and max values and create equal sized domains within them.

If you create your legend parameters using this instead you can define the domains however you like.

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